Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pizza Defence - Insects Attack

An awesome game in Android store for you to enjoy and test your memory.

Your picnic is badly under attack of dirty bugs.

When you are at picnic, with your favorite food pizza, delicious pizza placed on mat at green grass is under attack by different type of bugs. Bugs are going to spoil your beautifully planned picnic, your pizza is under attack. These bugs are out there hungry to steal your pizza. Defend, save your delicious pizza from bugs attack, smash , kill, blast these hungry and angry bugs.

You have to pop insects in order to prevent your pizza from insects.
After some time glue is also given to decrease the speed of insects for a short time.

- Save Pizza from thief insects
- Don't hit friendly bugs
- Get bonuses scores
- Unlimited harmless fun at your picnic

Its a good game with nice animations and beautiful graphics.

Its fun for all ages.

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