Thursday, 26 June 2014

Late From Office

An awesome game in Android store for you to enjoy and test your memory.

If you usually late from your office, without any big reason but due to small reasons like tyre puncture, fuel refill,  you couldn't able find your socks or boats and don't remember where you put it off, yesterday. Then, this app is surely for you. Birds and block gaps are similarly to your small reasons of your lateness. Do show this app to your boss, sure he will understand your reason of late coming.

This game depicts the story of every employee. As when an employee is late from his office, he falls and have to save himself from bad birds and he has to jump over blocks trying to reach office in time.
So, due to these bad birds employee reaches very late in office. 

To win each level the only trick is to concentrate. The more concentration more levels and coins will be yours.

It is like the flappy bird game, smoothy but hard.