Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fill Area

An awesome game in Android store for you to enjoy and test your memory.

Amazing addictive puzzle game with 60 different levels and attraction. It's best in all brain, puzzle and area covering games.
- It has 6 chapters which includes 10 different levels in each
- Nice interactive animation will increase the curiosity of what could be next 
- Also drawn shapes follow the gravity and new shapes can apply force to previously drawn shapes
- It also sharps your mind and test your memory to record the sequence of shapes.

- Its a good puzzle game with nice animations and beautiful graphics.
- You will love the fun, creativity and excitement of this great casual puzzle game.

How to play:
- You have to fill the required percentage of area in not more than 10 tries in given time.
- Your evaluation is done on the basis of your tries and time.
- You can hold to increase the size and to drag the current shape.
It's fun for all ages.

- Improved game quality
- More Interactive
- Solved some issues 

To win each level the only trick is to memorize the pattern of shapes and make the strategy to draw them feasibly to cover maximum area.